• rRNA modification by the thiostrepton-resistance methyltransferase (Tsr)

  • Molecular mechanisms of RNA-mediated regulation of OAS1

  • Structural studies of aminoglycoside-resistance rRNA methyltransferases


Graeme L. Conn, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
O. Wayne Rollins Rsch. Center
1510 Clifton Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30322

4135 Office
4178 Lab
404.727.5965 (Office tel.)
404.712.0058 (Lab tel.)
404.727.2738 (Fax)

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We use modern biochemical and biophysical methods to study the structures, interactions and biological functions of biomedically important RNA and protein molecules. Current topics include mechanisms of bacterial antibiotic resistance that arise through ribosomal RNA modification and non-coding RNA-mediated pathogen evasion of host cell innate immune responses.

Interested in joining the Conn Lab? Current openings for Postdocs and Staff, and details on how to apply, are posted here. Graduate students may also contact Dr. Conn directly but should make applications via the Graduate Division (GDBBS). Dr. Conn is a training faculty member of the BCDB and MMG graduate programs.


Our research is currently funded by NIH/NIAID grant R01-AI088025.

Research Highlights

Congratulations to Brenda Calderon who was awarded a prize at the 2015 ASBMB meeting for her poster on the structure and function of the human non-coding 886 RNA (nc886) in a session on RNA Expression and Post-transcriptional Regulatory Events. Brenda also gratefully acknowledges the ASBMB Travel Award to attend the meeting in Boston earlier this year.

Brenda Calderon

Latest News

  • August 2015, Fellowship Award: BCDB graduate student Brenda Calderon was awarded a fellowship from the ARCS Foundation. Congratulations Brenda!
  • January 2015, New Publication: Ginny Vachon’s paper on the 3’-ssPy motif for OAS1 activation is published in Nucleic Acids Research.
  • March 2015, Grant Reviewing: Graeme serves as a member of the NIH/ CSR F13 Infectious Disease and Microbiology study section.
  • March 2015, New Publication: Our paper on the unusual properties of the aminoglycoside-resistance rRNA methyltransferase Kmr is published in Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.
  • March 2015, Meeting presentation: Brenda Calderon receives a full scholarship to attended and give an oral presentation at the Minority Trainee research Forum in San Diego, CA.
  • March 2015, Thesis Defense: Ginny Vachon successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations Dr. Vachon!
  • March 2015, Travel Award: Congratulations to Brenda Calderon who was awarded a Travel Grant for her attendance at the 2015 ASBMB meeting to present a poster on her work on the cellular non-coding RNA nc886.
  • April 2015, Poster Prize: Brenda Calderon wins a poster prize in the ASBMB meeting session on RNA Expression and Post-transcriptional Regulatory Events.
  • May 2015, Grant News: The renewal of the NIH/NIAID grant supporting our work on the aminoglycoside-resistance rRNA methyltransferases begins this month.
  • May 2015, Fellowship Award: Congratulations to Brenda Calderon on being awarded a Eugene Gangarosa Laboratory Research Mentoring Fellowship.
  • May 2015, Poster Prize: Congratulations to Marta Witek on being awarded a Poster Prize at the Emory 8th Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium.
  • June 2015, Paper Accepted: Ginny Vachon's review on adenovirus VA RNA was accepted for publication in a special issue on non-coding RNAs in Virus Research.