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Use of a fluorescent reporter in a genetic screen for transcription termination factors in yeast. (Loya et al, 2012, Nucleic Acids Research 40:7476-7491.)


  • Department Interim Chair:
    Jeremy M. Boss, Ph.D.

  • 1510 Clifton Rd.
    Rollins Research Ctr.
    4th Floor
    4001 - Main Office
    Atlanta, GA 30322-4250

    404-727-5962 phone
    404-727-2738 fax
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Dr. Xiaodong Cheng Appointed to Editorial Board of Genes & Development

Cheng Lab Publishes Article in JBC, December 2015

Dr. Tongzhong Ju's Lab Group Publishes Article in Nature Methods, November 2015

Jeff Kohn in the Ortlund Lab Publishes Article in JBC, November 2015

Marc Schureck in the Dunham Lab Publishes Article in PNAS, October 2015

Dr. David C. Pallas Received the Dean's Teaching Award for 2015

Kristin Limpose from Doetsch Lab, Flash Talk Presentation, September 2015

Ziad Jowhar in the Doetsch Lab Received First Place Award, September 2015

Annie McPherson from Doetsch Lab, Poster Presentation, September 2015

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