• Uncovering the Molecular Mechanisms Driving Transcription

  • Protein Dynamics

  • Molecular Evolution

  • Phospholipid Signaling


Eric A. Ortlund, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
1510 Clifton Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30322

O. Wayne Rollins Center
G235 Office/Lab
404.727.5014 (Office tel.)
404.727.2563 (Lab tel.)
404.727.2738 (Fax)

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Welcome to the Ortlund Lab

We use sophisticated structural biology techniques such as x-ray crystallography and mass spectrometry coupled with an array of biochemical techniques to gain a molecular level understanding of transcriptional signaling - with a particular focus on lipid mediated signaling and transport. We currently pursue structural and biochemical studies of human nuclear receptors, which are lipid regulated transcription factors that play central roles in development, cancer, stress and metabolism. We have also made seminal contributions to the field of molecular evolution using nuclear receptors as a model system to study how tight molecular partnerships evolve.

Latest News

  • May 2018, New Travel Award. Congratulations to Dr. Denise Okafor who has been selected as a recipient of the Hans Neurath Outstanding Promise Travel Award to attend the 32nd Annual Symposium of The Protein Society. Sponsored by the Hans Neurath Foundation, the award is of their highest prestige and includes recognition during the plenary session on July 11th.
  • May 2018, New Grant. Dr. Denise Okafor was awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Fund “Career Award at the Scientific Interface (CASI)” grant.  This award provides $500,000 over five years to bridge advanced postdoctoral training and the first three years of faculty service. The BWF CASI program supports exciting research careers at the interface between the physical/ computational sciences and the biological sciences.  Denise is in Dr. Eric Ortlund’s lab and will use molecular dynamics to investigate how evolution shaped the allosteric networks within steroid hormone receptors to generate new ligand specificity. Congrats Denise!
  • April 2018, New Grant. Congratulations to Dr. Anna Ivanaova (Emory Integrated Lipidomics Core) on having her project “Serum Lipidomics of Pregnant African American Women Exposed to Environmental Toxicants”  selected for funding as part of the HERCULES Center’s Pilot Project Core! 
  • March 2018, New Grant. Congratulations to Dr. Denise Okafor on being awarded The Ford Foundation Postdoctoral fellowship!
  • March 2018, New Grant. Congratulations to Dr. Eric Ortlund and Dr. Denise Okafor on being awarded an NIH R01 Diversity Supplement Grant!
  • March 2018, Fellowship Finalist. Congraultions to Dr. Denise Okafor on being selected as a finalist for The Burroughs Wellcome fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface (CASI)!
  • January 2018, Travel Awards. Congratulations to Xu Liu and Matt Tillman, who were both awarded Travel Awards to attend the 2018 ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego! 


Emory Lipidomics Core

Lipidomics Core ImageThe Emory Integrated Lipidomics Core (EILC), a member core of the Emory Integrated Core Facilities (EICF), provides quantitative lipid analytical services using cutting-edge mass spectrometry methods to both clinical and basic biomedical research efforts at Emory.

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