Tatiana Chernova, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Emory University School of Medicine

Office: 4011 Rollins Research Center

Phone: 404-727-4379

Fax: 404-727-2738

Email: tcherno@emory.edu

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Mailing Address:

Department of Biochemistry

1510 Clifton Rd.
4011 Rollins Research Center

Atlanta, GA 30322

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My research interests are focused on ubiquitin-dependent proteolysis as a regulator of protein homeostasis and its role in formation of prions and other amyloid-like protein aggregates associated with neurodegenerative diseases. My research aimed at studying the involvement of cellular quality control system and actin cytoskeleton in protein aggregation and examining the auxillary proteins mediating environmental and physiological regulation of amyloids, using yeast prions as a model.