Keith D. Wilkinson Ph.D.
Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Biochemistry
Emory University School of Medicine
1510 Clifton Rd., Room 4017
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

Lab: Room 4070

404.727.5980 (office)
404.727.2548 (lab)
404.727.2738 (fax)


This site will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the Wilkinson laboratory. For nearly 40 years the PI has been grant supported and active in pursuing important questions about the structure, function and physiology of enzyme action, particularly in ubiquitin-dependent processes. While many of the references cited here appear dated, I have chosen to use these because they were generally the first cogent discussion of the topics and honors those original thinkers that have done so much for our field.  Enjoy!


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