The Department of Biochemistry at Emory University School of Medicine has 23 faculty, 21 post-doctoral fellows, 15 graduate students, and a large research staff in biomedical research.

Interim Department Chair

Jeremy M. Boss, PhD
(also: Professor and Chair, Microbiology and Immunology and Associate Dean for Basic Research)

3001 Rollins Research Center
Atlanta, GA 30322


Name Title Phone Email Room
Bishof, Issac Grad Student 404-712-8589 WMB525
Calderon, Brenda Grad Student 404-712-0058 RRC4178
Chernova, Tatiana Assistant Professor 404-727-0412  RRC4070
Colucci, Jennifer Research Specialist, Senior   RRCG235
Conn, Graeme Associate Professor 404-727-5965  RRC4135
D'Agostino, Emma Grad Student RRCG235
Dammer, Eric Associate 404-727-8589  WMB525
Degtyareva, Natasha Assistant Professor 404-727-2659  RRC4064
Dey, Debayan Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-4928 RRCG235
Doetsch, Paul Professor 404-727-0409  RRC4013
Donaldson, Heather Research Specialist 404-727-2563  RRCG235
Dunham, Christine Associate Professor 404-712-1756  RRCG223
Duong, Duc Associate Director, Research Projects 404-712-8589  WMB525
Dynan, William S. Professor 404-727-4104  RRC4121
Eliason, Jessica Grad Student 404-712-9619 RRC4166
Esposito, Regan Grad Student 404-727-2563 RRCG235
Frank, Filipp Postdoc Fellow   RRCG235
Gao, Yunrong Postdoctoral Fellow   RRC4150
Ghalei, Homa Assistant Professor 404-727-7144  RRC4115
Hoffer, Eric Postdoc Fellow 404-727-4928 RRCG223
Hwang, Jessie Grad Student 404-727-9882 RRC4124
Ivanova, Anna Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-3562  RRCG217
Jaafar, Lahcen Research Associate 404-727-7279  RRC4172
James, Amanda Instructor    RRC4009
Jella, Kishore Kumar Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-7279  RRC4172
Jones, Stephanie Grad Student RRC4158
Ju, Tongzhong Associate Professor 404-727-6166  RRC4029
Kahn, Richard Professor 404-727-3561  RRCG218
Khadka, Manoj Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-2563  RRCG235
Kohn, Jeffrey Postdoc Fellow 404-727-2563 RRCG235
Laughlin, Zane Grad Student 404-712-0058 RRC4178 RRC
Li, Shuyi Assistant Professor 404-727-9374  RRC4127
Li, Zhentian Research Specialist, Lead 404-727-7279  RRC4172
Liang, Bo Assistant Professor 404-727-5121  RRC4113
Limpose, Kristin Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-2659 RRC4064
Liu, Xu Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-4928  RRCB239
Liu, Xueyun (Snow) Research Specialist    RRC 
Loya, Travis Grad Student 404-727-3693 RRC4008
Maner-Smith, Kristal Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-2563  RRCG235
Manfredi, Candela Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-7279  RRC4172
Matsumura, Ichiro Associate Professor 404-727-5625  RRC4119
Mays, Suzanne Grad Student 404-727-2563 RRCG235
McDonald, Jannie Administrative Staff/Lab Asst. Sr. 404-727-5994  RRC4002
McPherson, Annie Grad Student 404-727-4504 RRC4158
Millings, Elizabeth Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-2563  RRCG235
Moore, Harriet Manager, Communications 404-727-2735  RRC4001
Nosrati, Meisam Postdoctoral Fellow 404-712-0058 RRC4178 RRC
O'Rourke, Thomas Research Specialist, Lead 404-727-3693  RRC4008
Okafor, Chiamaka Denise FIRST Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-2563  RRCG235
Ortlund, Eric Associate Professor 404-727-5014  RRCG235
Pallas, David C. Associate Professor 404-727-5620  RRC4125
Passauer, Billy Computer Support Specialist 404-727-5622 RRC4033
Patel, Anamika Assistant Professor 404-727-2563 RRCG235 BC
Reines, Daniel Professor 404-727-3361  RRC4023
Rice, Samantha Research Specialist, Lead   RRC4154
Sandhu, Brindar Grad Student 404-712-9619 RRC4166
Schiavon, Cara Grad Student 404-727-3562 RRCG217
Seyfried, Nicholas T. Assistant Professor 404-712-9783  RRC4133
Shanks, John Research Specialist, Senior 404-727-0412 RRCG223
Smith, David F. Professor and Director, Core H 404-727-6155  Whitehead Biomedical Research Building105H
Song, Xuezheng Assistant Professor 404-727-3664  RRC4117
Sparkman, Charles I.K. Administrator 404-712-2346  RRC3001
Starks, Tammie Administrative Manager 404-727-1475  RRC4001
Sun, Youwei Postdoctoral Fellow   RRC
Tillman, Matthew Grad Student 404-727-2563 RRCG235
Tuntland, Mike Postdoc Fellow 404-727-2563  RRCG235
Turn, Rachel Grad Student 404-727-3562 RRCG217
Wang, Dongxue Postdoctoral Fellow 404-727-8492  RRCG239
Weikum, Emily Postdoc Fellow 404-727-2563 RRCG235
Werner, Erica Assistant Professor 404-712-2323  RRC4064
Wilkinson, Keith Professor 404-727-5980  RRC4017
Yin, Luming Research Specialist, Senior 404-727-0412  RRC525
Zelinskaya, Natalia Research Specialist, Lead 404-727-0058  RRC4178
Zhu, Yuyang Postdoctoral Fellow    RRC4025

RRC = Rollins Research Center
WMB = Whitehead Building