PvuII Endonuclease (R.PvuII)

  1. J.R. Horton, X. Cheng. (2000). PvuII endonuclease contains two calcium ions in active sites. J. Mol. Biol. 300, 1051-1058. (View PDB Structure: 1EYU for complex at pH 4.6, 1F0O for pH 7.5 with calcium ions)

  2. J.R. Horton, H.G. Nastri, P.D. Riggs, X. Cheng. (1998). Asp34 of PvuII endonuclease is directly involved in DNA minor groove recognition and indirectly involved in catalysis. J. Mol. Biol. 284, 1491-1504. (View PDB Structure: 3PVI)

  3. J.R. Horton, J. Bonventre, X. Cheng. (1998). How is modification of the DNA substrate recognized by the PvuII restriction endonuclease? Biol. Chem. 379, 451-458. (View PDB Structure: 2PVI) (Cover Image)

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  5. X. Cheng, K. Balendiran, I. Schildkraut, J.E. Anderson. (1994). Structure of PvuII endonuclease with cognate DNA. EMBO J. 13, 3927-3935. (View PDB Structure: 1PVI, view moving structure)

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