Dunham Lab Publications


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14. Jones BL, VanLoozen J, Kim MH, Miles SJ, Dunham CM, Williams LD and Snell TW (2013). Stress granules form in Brachionus manjavacas (Rotifera) in response to a variety of stressors. Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol. 166(2):375-84. PMID: 23856158. [download PDF]


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2005 - 2007

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5. Petry S, Broderson DE, Murphy IV FV, Dunham CM, Selmer M, Tarry MJ, Kelley AC and Ramakrishnan V (2005). Crystal structures of release factors RF1 and RF2 bound to a programmed ribosome with a cognate stop codon. Cell, 123(7):1255-66. PMID: 16377566. [download PDF]

2002 - 2003

4. Dunham CM, Murray JB, and Scott WG (2003). A Helical Twist-Induced Conformational Switch Activates Cleavage in the Hammerhead Ribozyme. Journal of Molecular Biology, 332(2):327-36. PMID: 12948485. [download PDF]

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2. Murray JB, Dunham CM and Scott WG (2002). A pH-Dependent Conformational Change, Rather than the Chemical Step, Appears to be Rate-Limiting in the Hammerhead Ribozyme Cleavage Reaction.  Journal of Molecular Biology, 315(2):121-130. PMID: 11779233. [download PDF]

1. Burns CS#, Aronoff-Spencer E#, Dunham CM#, Lario P, Avdievich NI, Antholine WE, Olmstead MM, Vrielink A, Gerfen GJ, Peisach J, Scott WG and Millhauser GL (2002). Molecular Features of the Copper Binding Sites in the Octarepeat Domain of the Prion Protein. Biochemistry, 41(12):3991-4001. PMID: 11900542. [download PDF#These authors contributed equally. 

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