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Christine M. Dunham, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biochemistry
Emory University School of Medicine
1510 Clifton Rd., Room G223
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

404.712.1756 (office)
404.727.4928 (lab)
404.727.2738 (fax)


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The Dunham laboratory studies the structure and function of bacterial protein synthesis. The ribosome is a large macromolecular machine that produces all proteins in every living organism and is the target for half of all clinical antibiotics. Therefore understanding how the ribosome is regulated is a fundamental question in biology.

We study both the canonical function of the ribosome as well as the regulation of translation that results from stress. Major projects include understanding how the ribosome maintains the three nucleotide genetic code during elongation and how bacteria regulate translation in response to diverse ranges of stress. We use a number of interdisciplinary approaches including structural biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology techniques.

We are always interested in recruiting bright, creative and motivated students and postdoctoral fellows to join our research group. If interested, please click here.


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Latest News

July 2016: Christine is named the 2017 American Crystallographic Association Etter Early Career Awardee. We are grateful for the recognition from the ACA!

June 2016: Agnes Scott College undergraduate Meklit Tilahun and Atlanta Girls School high school students Jessica Jordan and Ayesha Quadri join the lab for the summer!

June 2016: Marc’s papers have been accepted at RNA and Nucleic Acids Research! Congrats!

May 2016: Christine is named a Burroughs Wellcome Investigator in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Diseases Awardee on our research on bacterial toxin-antitoxin complexes. We are very grateful for the support from the BWF!

March 2016: Postdoctoral fellow Jeff Meisner joins the lab- welcome!

March 2016: Marc successfully defends his PhD thesis. Congrats!

March 2016: Grad student Marc is selected as the 2016 Southeastern Regional Access Team (SER-CAT) beamline Young Investigator of the Year! This is an award given to the best manuscript by a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow who uses the SER-CAT X-ray beamline at the Advanced Photon Source in Chicago. Congrats!

October 2015: Grad student Marc's manuscript is accepted at PNAS! Congrats!

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Research Highlights

Congratulations to grad student Marc for publishing his paper in PNAS!


Congratulations to grad student Eric for publishing his model for how VapC interacts with tRNA in Nature Comunications with the Woychik lab!

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