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Our recent publications are listed below. Search PubMed for a complete list of publications related to our work on antibiotic resistance rRNA methyltransferases, or regulation of innate immune proteins (PKR and OAS) by cellular and viral non-coding RNAs. A complete list of Dr. Conn’s publications is also available via My NCBI.


Calderon, B.M. and Conn, G.L. A human cellular noncoding RNA activates the antiviral protein 2’–5’-oligoadenylate synthetase 1. J Biol Chem. 2018 Aug 20. pii: jbc.RA118.004747. doi: 10.1074/jbc.RA118.004747. [Epub ahead of print]. Selected as an Editors' Pick for an upcoming issue in October.


Vinal, K. and Conn, G.L. (2017). Substrate recognition and modification by a pathogen-associated aminoglycoside resistance 16S rRNA methyltransferase. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 61(5), pii: e00077-17. [PMCID: In progress]

Calderon, B.M. and Conn, G.L. (2017). Human non-coding RNA 886 (nc886) adopts two structurally distinct conformers that are functionally opposing regulators of PKR. RNA, 23(4):557-566. [PMCID: PMC5340918]

Witek, M.A.*, Kuiper, E.G.*, Minten, E., Crispell, E.K. and Conn, G.L. (2017). A novel motif for S-adenosyl-L-methionine binding by the ribosomal RNA methyltransferase TlyA from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. J. Biol. Chem. 3;292(5):1977-1987. [PMCID: PMC5290967]

Fasken M.B., Losh J.S., Leung S.W., Brutus S., Avin B., Vaught J.C., Potter-Birriel J., Craig T., Conn G.L., Mills-Lujan K., Corbett A.H., van Hoof A. (2017) Insight into the RNA Exosome Complex Through Modeling Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia Type 1b Disease Mutations in Yeast. Genetics 205(1):221-237. [PMCID:  PMC5223504]


Kahn, R.A., Conn, G.L., Pavlath, G.K.,  and Corbett A.H. (2016). Use of a Grant Writing Class in Training PhD Students. Traffic, 17(7):803-14. 

Owings, J.P.*, Kuiper, E.G.*, Prezioso, S.M., Meisner, J., Varga, J.J., Zelinskaya, N., Dammer, E.B., Duong, D.M., Seyfried, N.T., Albertí, S., Conn, G.L. and Goldberg, J.B. (2016). Pseudomonas aeruginosa EftM is a thermoresponsive methyltransferase that trimethylates the translation elongation factor-Tu. J. Bio. Chem. 291(7):3280-90. [PMCID: PMC4751374] (*Co-first author)

Witek, M.A. and Conn, G.L. (2016). Functional dichotomy in the 16S rRNA (m1A1408) methyltransferase family and control of catalytic activity via a novel tryptophan mediated loop reorganization. Nucleic Acids Res. 8(44), 342-353 [PMCID: PMC4705659]

Corrêa, L.L., Witek, M.A., Zelinskaya, N., Picão, R.C., and Conn, G.L. (2016). Heterologous expression and functional characterization of the exogenously acquired aminoglycoside-resistance methyltransferases RmtD, RmtD2 and RmtG. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 60(1):699-702 [PMCID: PMC4704232]

Vachon, V.K. and Conn, G.L. (2016). Adenovirus VA RNA: An essential pro-viral non-coding RNA. Virus Res. 212, 39-52.


Myers, C.L., Kuiper, E.G., Grant, P.C., Hernandez, J., Conn, G.L. and Honek, J.F. (2015). Co-substrate binding and enzyme catalysis by the thiostrepton resistance RNA methyltransferase (Tsr) from Streptomyces cyaneus, FEBS Lett. 589(21), 3263-3270. [PMCID: PMC4661090]

Sunita, S.*, Schwartz, S.L.* and Conn, G.L. (2015). The regulatory and kinase domains but not the interdomain linker determine human double-stranded RNA-activated kinase (PKR) sensitivity to inhibition by viral non-coding RNAs. J. Biol. Chem.  290(47), 28156-28165. (*Co-first author) [PMCID: PMC4653674]

Zelinskaya, N., Witek, M.A. and Conn, G.L. (2015). The pathogen-derived aminoglycoside-resistance 16S rRNA methyltransferase NpmA possesses dual m1A1408/m1G1408 specificity. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 59(12), 7862-7865. [PMCID: PMC4649141]

Savic, M., Sunita, S., Zelinskaya, N., Desai, P.M., Macmaster, R., Vinal, K. and Conn, G.L. (2015). 30S subunit-dependent activation of the S. cellulosum aminoglycoside resistance-conferring 16S rRNA methyltransferase Kmr. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 59(5), 2807-2816. [PMCID: PMC4394793].

Vachon, V.K., Calderon, B.M., and Conn, G.L. (2015). A novel RNA molecular signature for activation of 2'-5' oligoadenylate synthetase-1. Nucleic Acids Res. 43(1), 544-552. [PMCID: PMC4288181]


Hudson, W.H., Pickard, M.R., S. de Vera, I.M., Kuiper, E.G., Mourtada-Maarabouni, M., Conn, G.L., Kojetin, D.J., Williams, G.T. and Ortlund, E.A. (2014). Conserved sequence-specific lincRNA-steroid receptor interactions drive transcriptional repression and direct cell fate. Nat. Comm. 5, 5395. [PMCID: PMC4280027]

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Witek, M.A. and Conn, G.L. (2014). Expansion of the aminoglycoside-resistance 16S rRNA (m1A1408) methyltransferase family: expression and functional characterization of four hypothetical enzymes of diverse bacterial origin. BBA-Proteins Proteom. Biochim Biophys Acta. 1844(9), 1648-1655. [PMCID: PMC4122235]

Wilson*, J.L, Vachon*, V.K., Sunita, S., Schwartz, S.L., and Conn, G.L. (2014).Dissection of the adenoviral VA RNAI Central Domain structure reveals minimal requirements for RNA-mediated inhibition of PKR. J.Biol.Chem289(33), 23233-23245. (*Co-first author) [PMCID PMC4132820]

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